Veterans Assistance Programs

Veteran's Long Term Care Assistance Programs

There is a lot to know about Veteran’s long term care assistance, and navigating the claims process can be frustrating at times. We will help you understand your policy and assist with the claims process from start to finish. Understanding the policy for the one receiving care is important to avoid unnecessary costs and that the maximum benefits will pay over the years. We process claims electronically and will fight for you to help your claims get approved.


We are specialists in care coordination and experts at navigating Veteran’s long term care

Knowing what kind of government Veteran’s long-term care assistance is available to War-era veterans is essential to a senior’s financial future. We provide families with vetted resources and education on these programs. We help navigate and understand the process.

Is It Guaranteed?

We work hard to get your claim favorably resolved and since we know the process, whom to speak with, and what questions to ask we are usually successful. But still, we cannot make guarantees that all claims will be approved or that all clients meet the requirements of insurance policies.

What Else Should I Know?

While it may seem counterintuitive, it’s important to know that it is, at times, acceptable and helpful to not make a claim. Other times it may be the exact right thing to do when the time is crucial in getting a claim approved. Every client is different, and we carefully review each policy, so we are familiar with what provisions are available to clients.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Caregiver Agencies

We know that looking for just the right caregiver agency can be challenging. Here are two ways that we are set apart from the other long-term caregiver agencies:

  • Caring companionship and assistance from fully trained caregivers. Our promise is to provide compassionate and concerned in-home care while enriching the daily lives of our clients and their families.
  • Our VA long-term care insurance experts work to help with claims on behalf of our clients. We cannot guarantee that claims will be approved, but we do provide assistance to help navigate the insurance process making it as painless as possible.

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