In-Home Monitoring

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What Is BeClose Home Care Software?

You can be in touch with everything that happens throughout the day with our proprietary BeClose home care software. You can see for yourself with Transparent Remote Monitoring what was completed by our staff and the activities of your loved one. We install smart sensors throughout the home help to monitor daily activity.


How Does BeClose Work?

The BeClose with Amada system helps you have access to your loved one from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Our proprietary system provides information to clients:

  • Daily activities and behavioral patterns are reported to a web-based interface that one can access via desktop, tablet or mobile device. It can also be setup to send emails – whatever is more convenient for you.
  • Whether you are in Colorado or Europe, BeClose home care solutions let you access instantaneous changes in your loved one’s daily routine, proving helpful in preventing little issues from becoming big problems.

We want to help you be close when those you love are in need. We make that possible.

How Much Does It Cost?

You would think a home care solutions system like BeClose would be pricey. It’s not. A standard monthly fee is $100 with a yearly contract. Installation charges are typically between $300 and $500. One of our senior care specialists can walk you through what BeClose does and how it can assist you. Call for detailed information.

Transparent Family Web Portal

Transparent helps busy families keep in touch. Our Web Portal is the first home care solutions industry agency to provide an online portal system. With a standard username and password, registered family members can gain 24/7 access to see what exact activities clients have done and tasks our staff has completed.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Caregiver Agencies

We know that looking for just the right elder care solutions provider can be challenging. Here are two ways that we are set apart from the other agencies:

  • We work on behalf of our clients to solve insurance claim issues. We cannot guarantee that claims will be approved, but we do provide assistance to help navigate the insurance process making it as painless as possible.
  • Fully trained caregivers provide both companionship and assistance. Our promise is to provide concerned, compassionate in-home care while enriching the daily lives of our clients and their families.

Call a Caregiver Coordinator Today

Call today for a free assessment of your senior care needs and how we can help you. Our caregivers are knowledgeable, approachable and courteous – your interests are our interests. We will be available to you around the clock, seven days a week for wellness updates, care advice, and general information.


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